discovering the inner workings of ACX and new audiobook challenges

ACX audiobook production started just before Christmas with my first accepted audition and contract signed! And with an American accent too! Unfortunately, once I had finished the book, the author completely stopped talking to me. It was only US$100, so I’ll live. And, frankly, his book was shit anyway, so at least I didn’t have to tell him I wouldn’t market for it. Trust me. If I tell you a book is worth reading or listening to, then it is. If I make an audio book and don’t tell you anything about it, then...well…

Anyway, with another round of auditions in the bag, and with significant upgrades in audio quality - today I figured out how to create peaks of exactly -3db, the Audible standard, as opposed to a few decimal points off. I know. That’s literally the most exciting thing that’s happened to me recently. Sigh.

This recent round opened up another audition and offer. This one looks worth recommending, although I haven’t read it all yet… Watch, or listen, to this space.

So I blitzed a bunch more auditions, trying to figure out the magic number of ‘how many auditions for an offer?’ And my American accent has improved. I’ve even learned a Southern accent (as well as worked on Wisconsin)

Perhaps of most interest is that I am one chapter away from finishing my first science fiction novel, ‘The Future is Then’. I’ll blog properly about that later.