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The biggest news is the start of the Soundcloud/Spotify weekly podcast. This will feature a chapter a week of a book in audio form from me. I started with the provocatively-titled 'In Colonial Days'. Reference to stuck up British toffs, not anything else.

Currently running is 'Lover or Friend' by Rosa Carey. You might call it Regency Romance, but the real, contemporary sort. That will take a whole year to complete, but I'm going to diversify into trashy old-school, pulpy sci fi (people walking around on Mars! (as opposed to freezing to death)). And perhaps some ye olde musicology about women's music.

On on the Geoff Poole musical biography has picked up a pace, and something actually deliverable might soon emerge.

'The Future is Then', the space opera novel, is complete and now awaits an editor. It's sequel is brewing already.

Also, I have begun my fantasy novel 'Sunrise of the Gods', which will have its sister work in an ongoing graphic novel alternative universe version by Dylan Goss. More details next time.