Need to be a bit more disciplined to keep this going more regularly. What did I get up to recently? One thing is to poke Audible. My audio book was allegedly to be ready last week. I began the Lyapunov Diaries series. More on that tomorrow, when I make Video.

Instead, I’ll talk about my freebie audiobooks, that will appear soon on various interwebbing sites. In fact, today I looked at how I might distribute said material more widely.

I decided to make a freebie audio version of ‘The Singing Bone’, in which I will apply the same standards of audio production as my other stuff, in order to, to some extent, show myself off. Why this book? Well, I was reading the Wikipedia article on ‘Columbo’ and I found that the ‘inverted detective story’, the story where the murder itself is seen, where the audience is aware of who the murderer is, and the point of the story is the process of their detection. Allegedly, ‘The Singing Bone’ is where this ‘inverted detective story’ was invented. The author said it, and Wikipedia said it, so it must be true! Well, I will investigate (!) that later. For now, I found that nobody had put the stories on Librivox. So, wanting to make some free stuff anyway, I thought I would revisit the old friend, the old friend where I honed my voice acting craft to the fine artistic chisel it is! On that point, I tried to imbue the stories with a sense of comedy, as Thorndike seems to be a bit of a pretentious twat. (In some ways, the artistry is more refined than the ‘official’ Chung Wenyin audio books - ah, well, one benefits from always being on the alert to learning opportunities).

Is Thorndike one of those ‘classic’ detective characters, the Sherlock Holmes of his day? Well, yes, he is almost identical to Sherlock Holmes, replete with doctor combine who ‘writes’ the stories. So, I think the books work best as curiosities, of the story technique and the ‘homage’, shall we put it politely, of the characters.