ED's Review: ★★☆☆☆

The premise is great: a literal Hangover moment, where you realise you're married, but to who, and the gradual reveal of What Happened That Night. The slow-reveal of this is the most interesting part of this book.

Frankly, it needed to BE the book. As it is, by about the halfway point, the romance is fully established anyway. Thus, the only way to introduce conflict is to use a tired cliche of a misunderstanding regarding an ex. The relationship with the ex was set up as a potentially worthwhile secret. But it was not slow-revealed. The only thing that mattered was making the main character stop running away and listen, which, when finally achieved, revealed the misunderstanding. And then that was pretty much that.

There are some important ways that the love interest changes, but overall, there was not enough of the things that made this novel remarkable, and an unfortunate emphasis on the obvious and easy parts.